Youth Workshops

Workshops for those below 18
Thieves Theatre is a registered training organisation that offers several unaccredited workshops and other courses. Our workshops are open to people of all ages and all walks of life as we do our best to engage with the diverse community around us. Youth workshops are for those below the age of 18, and the workshops are in several categories which makes it easier for youth to find where they belong and have a great time learning and experiencing what theatre is really about. The available workshops include:

Teen Creative Workshop

This workshop is designed for teens between the age of 13 – 17. It serves as space for these young people to develop their technique and stagecraft. It is open to both intermediate and beginner performers. Each week, students get to work in a creative and dynamic team environment. They explore the fundamentals of stage acting and work within their skills level. What makes this unique is the hands-on teaching method, focusing on helping each student succeed. The workshop ignites the passion of the student for self-expression and art appreciation, and the course content covers character study and creation, text analysis, and improvisation. The student does not need to have a previous experience to be part of this workshop, and the only qualification is that they should be within the age bracket. Participants in the workshop will get audition opportunities for our productions.

Brisbane Youth Drama Ensemble

It is a creative development program for intermediate level performers that gives them the opportunities to work with established professionals and improve range across the singing, movement, and acting. This program focuses mostly on the audition process and seeks to develop the performer’s audition skill set and technique. It is an opportunity for emerging and young artists to develop their skills, and they will work to achieve a nationally recognised skill set during the course. Participants in this program will get the chance to show their skills at the student showcase. It is only open to students between grade 10 – 12, and the participants are encouraged to take advantage of every performance opportunity they may see to improve their craft.

Performing Arts Workshop

This is for children between the age of 8 – 12, and it is the workshop that exposes young performers to the stage for the first time. This course focuses on exploring the fundamentals of stagecraft and theatre while also giving children the opportunities to develop and find their voice.

Teen Musical Theatre Workshop

This is for teenagers interested in the musical theatre. Students will have the opportunity to explore movement, vocal technique and health, and better understand musical theatre’s core elements. Participants in the workshop will get audition opportunities for our productions, and they are actively encouraged to be part of those productions.