Make your wedding memorable

Marriage is an important stage of our lives, and nothing typifies a marriage better than the wedding ceremony. It is an event that everyone involved puts in their best to make sure it turns right. One of the things that make a wedding special is that special dance between the couple. No matter how many dances they might have shared in the past, that one is unforgettable, cherished and most romantic of all. It is why such dance which is a wedding tradition should be done in the most spectacular ways. We can help you make your first dance truly memorable by finding you the perfect steps to mark the start of your relationship.

The wedding dance should be a reflection of the personalities of the couple and should fit perfectly into the theme of your wedding. It could be anything from quirky to stylish, hip hop to tango, whatever it is, we can help you choreograph your wedding dance, so you flawlessly perform it based on step by step instructions. We train you to deliver a performance that will be exhilarating for your bride or groom and the guests. Of course, you can choose to learn dance moves for your wedding alone or with your other half depending on your wish and what you’re planning to achieve. For instance, if your plan is to surprise your other half, solo training is a perfect way to achieve the dance mastery you need to surprise her.

You can pull off an even greater surprise at your wedding that will leave not only your spouse-to-be but also friends and family thrilled. This can be done by performing a great wedding dance number, and we will support you with our backup dancers troupe and/or custom-designed choreography that will make your wedding an unforgettable one for the guests.

At Thieves Theatre, want to celebrate with you on your important occasions and make it more memorable. This is what we’ll do for your wedding when you hire us, and we have all that you need to make your wedding memorable. With more than ten years operating as an Arts and Dance production, we have all you need to have that amazing once in a lifetime event, and if your plan is for that event to be your wedding ceremony, we are on board to make sure you have a great one. What makes our services more exceptional is that it is not location bound, regardless of where you are having your wedding, we can train you in time for the celebrations, and if you need backup dancers for your performance you are trying to pull off, our troupe is available to travel anywhere.

When it comes to prices, our services are also available at very competitive prices, and you don’t have to worry about getting overcharged to have that performance you’ve always wanted at your dream wedding.