Other Training

Beyond age-specific activities, we also have other educational programs that are open to everyone regardless of their age. At Thieves Theatre, the focus is on ensuring that everyone has access to the right theatrical education that they require. This is why we go beyond the age-specific programs. Our other training includes;

Acting Performance Skill Set

This is a nationally accredited course for performers at the intermediate level to gain the skills needed to improve their training and ‘practicalise’ all that they have learnt in theory. Basically, this course focuses on improving the participants so they can translate all they have been learning into practise. The course has units that serve as foundation study and can be used as the approach for entry-level formal training. This course trains the student in stagecraft skills, acting technique, history of theatre, audition techniques, and freelance services. During the course, participants will learn all that is needed to know and they prepare for life as a performer and the support system necessary for such life. When you enrol for this program, you will get the opportunity to perform in our drama festivals, shows, and showcases. When you take part in our workshops and training sessions, you will benefit from the wealth of experience available and the diversity of the theatre gives us the opportunity to explore and perform. The environment is one that welcomes everybody, and we celebrate creativity without being judgmental about it. It is a safe and nurturing environment for everyone.

For students to be eligible for this course, they must have completed the language, literacy, and numeracy, LLN survey, which is part of the enrolment process. Beyond that, there are no requirements for the program, but since it is an intermediate level course, the participant is encouraged to complete the Introduction to stage workshop which will give them the relevant experience needed for the intermediate course.

In case you’re wondering what acting performance skillsets are, it is made up of six units of competency and five of these are considered as RPL meaning recognised prior learning for students that wish to study vocational education at a higher level and such course has similar or the same units of competency.

Private Tuition

There is another option of training for those who prefer one-on-one training to group sessions. It is available for everybody who can afford it and during the session, performers will get feedback on their auditions as well as advice and showreels on techniques. It is eligible to all and requires no previous skill or experience. This is what makes it suitable for those who need one or one critique and advice on their performance. The private tuition classes are available by appointment, and you have to book in advance. Don’t hesitate to book your appointment if you think it is necessary.