Get Involved

Volunteer and do More

There are many ways to get involved in our activities, and any activity you get involved is definitely a contribution to the community. As a non-profit organisation, our volunteers and patrons have contributed immensely to our growth, and we are always on the lookout for a helping hand as well as actors. Anyone can volunteer with us regardless of the level of experience they might have, and we will find a suitable role for you. There are several ways you can get involved, and they include;


Are you a performer or you wish to become one, we have several productions annually, and you can participate in some of them? All you have to do is an audition for them and if your performance is worthwhile enough, you will be picked and can be part of our production. We release the audition schedule for each production on our website so you can check to see if there are auditions available for you to partake in. Register your interest for the audition to stay updated.

Artists and Techs

Technical experts and artists have the opportunity to be involved in all our works. As an organisation, we are committed to the development and growth of Brisbane-based talent. We also understand that it takes time to nurture and develop these talents which is why we provide long term opportunities for technical whizzes and artists based in Brisbane to develop themselves through the various roles they can take on within our operations. Many of our roles are open to the public, which means anyone can apply for these roles, and we also have artistic programs in place for artists so they can develop their craft and art. Many of the shows are cast with students from our education programs, and we also make other auditions available with notices posted so that everyone can be aware and apply.


We are an independent non-profit organisation that receives no funding from the government. Due to the impacts of the Covid-19, which has prevented us from getting revenue from our most reliable source, we rely heavily on donations from our patrons and members of the community. The donations can come in any form, and both big and small donations are welcome. We are grateful to our dedicated and passionate patrons who have been supporting us through these trying times.

Corporate Partnership

You can also be involved in our activities as a corporate partner and this way, you will not only be supporting our art, but you will also be getting exposure which will endear your business to community members. With thousands of people cutting across all diverse groups coming to our theatre annually, your business will reach thousands of people across all demographics, and nothing beats such.


You can also volunteer for our programs. We need volunteers all the time for roles such as stage management, technical operators, costumes, etc.