Spice up your corporate programs

Corporate events are usually dull except in very rare cases. Even when they are not dull, they can be stressful for everyone involved with hours upon hours listening to technical discussions. But you can make your corporate programs more interesting with our performances. In fact, our performances can be the highlight of your corporate events and ensure that everyone in attendance doesn’t just learn new things but also enjoy themselves. At Thieves Theatre, our performances are tailored to inspire, entertain, and energise the audience, which ensures that they can fully enjoy the program and have a great time all together.

Are you planning to host a convention, training seminar, or retreat? Then you can make your corporate event a truly memorable one and give attendees something to remember with our custom-designed entertainment which will be integrated into your event theme, venue, and goals. With more than ten years operating as an Arts and Dance production, we have all the experience and expertise needed to integrate our performances into your corporate event schedule and ensure that everyone has that amazing time at your corporate program regardless of all the formality associated with such events. What makes our services more exceptional is that it is not location bound, regardless of where you have your corporate event, we are available with our troupe to make sure your attendees have an exceptional time.

When it comes to prices, our services are also available at very competitive prices, and you don’t have to worry about getting overcharged to have that performance you’ve always wanted at your dream wedding.

Dance Demos

There are many ways we can give your attendees a great time, and one of such is with our dance demos. The breakdance, which is our most popular dance demo, will not only amaze the attendees but also energise them. With several gravity-defying acrobatics and jaw-dropping moves, this will leave any crowd spellbound. Our professional break-dancers aren’t just entertainers; they also know how to move the crowd and will engage and energise the attendees with their fantastic dance moves. Of course, break dancing is not the dance demo we have, there are many others too, and you can always find one that fits into your event among the variety of styles.


You and your team can also enrol in our dance workshops and learn several dance routines. It is not just fun; it is also good for team building. Our dance routines focus on teamwork and collaboration, and everyone is required to participate.

Entertainment packages

Are you hosting a corporate event and you wish to make it memorable with people talking about it for a long time? We can collaborate with our various community partners which include professional musicians to put on a truly spectacular custom entertainment package for your event.