Thieves Theatre is passionate about promoting arts and dance in our community while also supporting local artists and dancers; this is why we partner with ArtStarts Australia to take dances to schools within the community. Our dance presentations in school are not just about fun and entertainment. We also educate the students by taking them through the history and evolution of dance with a focus on the relationship between movement, music, and culture. Our dancers are experts with dynamism in their dance moves. They are capable of executing several dance moves without worry. They showcase this artistry and athleticism for the audience by executing dance styles that are not just for everyone. At the end of the showcase, we organise an easy and fun street dance lesson where everyone participates, and it serves to remind the audience and participants that dance is for everyone.

The ArtStarts program seeks to achieve the following goals;


The program’s primary goal is to educate young people, so they will understand what dance is all about and how important it actually is. Most times, dance is seen as just something to be done during leisure, and many have failed to grasp the importance and significance of dance, we seek to change this, and that is what our program is all about. We want the kids to know the history of dance and its relationship with the culture as well as other art forms so they can better appreciate dance. The program educates kids on the history of dance and asks them to be part, which is why we teach simple dance steps in all our showcases. We seek to impart into every young person that dance is for everyone, and it is not restricted to a certain group of people. Even though talents might play a substantial role, it takes more than talent to be a good dancer, and anyone can learn. The benefits of dance are numerous, and anyone who fails to take part will be missing out big time.


ArtStarts is a program that also connects us to the community and connects members of the community to one another. One of the things that unite us despite how diverse it can be itself is arts and dance has a way of connecting even strangers. Dance teaches us to collaborate with one another and be in sync because it takes more than just one person to achieve a perfect dance move. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. It is this unity that dance promotes that we seek to establish with the program by using dance as the medium to connect to people regardless of their worldview.


ArtStarts program is our way of giving back to the community, and as they say, love is sharing. Through dance, we share knowledge, joy, entertainment, and lots more.